We took a step back from the computer box for a moment and moved our motivation towards what it is that we do when not cranking away at our showroom in Newport Beach. This last year those moments have been far and few, however, an absolute necessity to our sanity.  A sense of “designed functionality” hangs over our Fall 2014 range. Our direction and inspiration for both the brand and every collection stem out of those two words.  We look at our personal hurdles this last year like being 15 miles into the desert, mid winter, after a hard rain and take the lessons learned from gear failure to better prepare the products that we are making. The early mornings checking the surf, or getting dressed just after, and the pet peeves of being cold and sandy for too long. We are active in everything we do.

We are creating a better designed range of functional goods, season after season. We relish in the idea of knit tops that are functional with moisture wicking and anti-microbial coatings, but with soft cotton based yarns and a more forward silhouette. Perfect to throw on and get coffee, train on the beach, or wear as a first layer under our waterproof shells. We’ve been inspired and taken those technical elements, like waterproof zippers and thermal welding, into new silhouettes like the heavy weight Moose Overshirt or Filson Shop Coat. It’s the blurring of lines between outdoor tech and everyday wearability that we push towards mastering, ultimately lessening the size of your closet by having more multi-functional goods.  We don’t claim to be full tech, let alone a tech company, but rather a brand offering a purpose driven approach to wearable and more aesthetically pleasing products for the active and forward lifestyle living guy. We are our own version of adventure. The experiences gained within each one are only as good as the bond created with those you shared them with along the way.