In a perfect world, we’d make everything to support every interest that everyone at ourCaste had, creating a sort of super-brand-one-stop-shop.  Helmets for the bikes, knives, liquor, and everything else under the sun.  But, we can’t…yet.  So, in the meantime, we thought we’d share our Picks with you, showcasing the styles that us an individuals love paired along side those other everyday items that we can’t live without.

For this first installation of Picks, we lean on our Marketing Director LJ O’Leary to show us what it is he can’t live without.  Read his break down below, and if you wanna submit your Picks that’d be epic!  Send them to!

  1. I kinda borrowed this shirt from Sean C just before it was available. I got a few too many compliments and decided I couldn’t give it back ( sorry and thanks Chinaman. )
  2. Music just sounds better in this old format. The scratches and the imperfections are more dreamy and surreal than digital sound. Ray Charles, Satchmo and ODB, “ooooo baby I like it raw.”
  3. Paul pant, black denim. These are everyday. Mine probably smell like a fine blend of whiskey, campfire, gummy bears and motorcycle exhaust. Been on me since we left for our ride north.
  4. Batmask. So?
  5. “No helmets required” says the coppers in Florida. “Straight to the slammer” if you don’t wear one in California. The option is nice though keeping your melon protected isn’t such bad idea. I like this one. Simpson Bandit.
  6. Cozy, black, looks deadly on me, says me.
  7. Two of my most favorites, in one package. Pez and Batman. Dang…
  8. The new controllers to the new video games have too many buttons and levels. Nintendo NES forever rules!!. I love Mario 1,2,3 Castlevania, Burgertime, Skate or Die and almost all of the decades ago games, sounds and flaws of the old Nintendo. Blow on your cartridge, bang the tv, karate chop the Nintendo, or a combo of every single one of those moves will almost always get the game to play.
  9. Campari. This is for gentleman. My dad is one. I hope to be one as well. Aspiring.
  10. Mike makes clever creations. This is one of them. I like it.
  11. THANK YOU MAX !! The new Eye Symmetry boards you sent are the JAM!! This one works so so good in any flavor waves. Been pretty good here lately , so this one has been put to the test. This is a 5’6″ Rapture, and is one of my favorite crafts. Works great from knee high shore break to well overhead barrels. The fins whistle. It goes fast. We have a collab coming up with Eye Symm , wait till you see this.
  12. The Rza, the GZA, Old Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Rakewon the Chef, Ghostface Killa and… WUTANG SOX !! Stance have some pretty rad collabs. Nothing could ever out do this one with the WU though… Foeva.
  13. Broken Homme , James Boot is handsome and cosy as F ~ word.

The Picks ~ LJ O'Leary
The Picks ~ LJ O'Leary
The Picks ~ LJ O'Leary