In a perfect world, we’d make everything to support every interest that everyone at ourCaste had, creating a sort of super-brand-one-stop-shop.  Helmets for the bikes, knives, liquor, and everything else that gets us going.  But, we can’t…yet.  So, in the meantime, we thought we’d share our Picks with you, showcasing the styles that us an individuals love paired along side of those other everyday items that we can’t live without.

For this installation of Picks we sat with Mark Underwood ( you may know him as ‘Munders,) our boy who we kind of lean on for almost everything including smart ass comic relief and young reckless inspiration. We’ve asked him to show us what it is he can’t live without.  Read his break down below, and if you wanna submit your Picks that’d be epic!  Send them to!

  1. “Christmas” Skateboard Complete ~  Not actually from Christmas but as a kid for Christmas you would always ask for a complete and I haven’t had one of those for quite some time. I’ve probably had the same set of trucks for a few years, until now. My board got jacked so I had to get a “Christmas” Complete. This is a Larosa Board from my Hometown Shop called BLX Skateshop. Showing Tucson some love. Also, to pair with the Larosa board are some Thunder 149s and some STF Bones Wheels.
  2. Joy Division Book By Kevin Cummins ~ Easily one of the best books I own. Much of my own inspiration comes from this piece of art.  The book shows an in depth view into the Ian Curtis’s and the bands life in Manchester. Cummins imagery makes you feel as though you’re there while the photo was being taken. He has an eye for emotion. Some of my favorite photos of all time lie in this book. Cummins captures Joy Division beautifully and the images go hand in hand with the bands sound. The images are shot on black and white film which is by far my favorite thing to shoot. The book also has photos of set lists, flyers, and Ian Curtis’ notebooks and crossed out lyrics. A must have on the book shelf.
  3. Leather Wallet ~ Holds all of my goodies. What’s inside? Cash, credit cards, change, receipts and a few spare keys for when I lock myself out of my car or house. Got it from some old dude who sells all sorts of vintage shit. Weird that I gave him money so I had a tool to carry all my money. Needless to say it’s a necessity and has saved me lots of trouble.
  4. Clive Basic Tee ~ Black and has a pocket. This tee you can pair with anything, or at least I do. Goes well with black or any other color ever made. It’s comfy and the girls will like it. Grab it here.
  5. Peter Lindbergh : Selected Works 1996-1998 Book ~ Some unreal and raw photographs shot by the master photographer Peter Lindbergh. Lindbergh’s fashion and portraiture work is phenomenal. The book is heavily shot in black and white capturing beautiful emotions from women. I could view his images for days on end.
  6. iPhone 5s ~ What would I do without it? No instagram, no tumblr, no calls, no texts. I’d probably be pretty bored, but actually out shooting more photos or something. It’s a place where I can be reached and a place where I can have endless possibilities. One of the most handy tools on my tool belt and it has a leather case to keep it safe.
  7. Nick Type Print Woven ~ Graphics by the dude MQ of course this woven is cool. White with black typography, handwriting and water-colour. It has a vertical welt pocket and is super light-weight. Perfect for summer days and summer nights, actually perfect for just about anything. Everybody will be asking where you got it, thats when you say you got it from here.
  8. Yellow Beanie ~ Not sure where I even acquired this thing from but I got it somehow. Basic yellow beanie that I wear too much. Also has my homie Loose Bones pin on it.
  9. Pentax 6×7 ~ The first and only Medium Format camera I have. The camera is massive and the shutter is loud and the photographs from it are like nothing else. It’s not the most portable camera to own but when you put a roll of 120 film in there and start shooting you know that you’ve got something special on those 10 frames per roll. This is a camera that I’ll use for the rest of my life. 
  10. Polaroid SX-70 & Impossible Project B&W Film ~ A foldable leather and manual focusing Polaroid camera, not much more you could want. I got this camera in my Hometown of Tucson, Arizona for $20 bucks and its in perfect condition. A valuable and meaningful camera to me, as well as one of my favorite cameras to shoot with. The aesthetic of this thing is beautiful. When I have some extra money I definitely try to throw a few packs of film through it. A perfect partner for my SX-70, this black and white instant film makes for some unforgettable photographs. The film has been getting better and cheaper with each batch they’ve produced, since they did have to remake instant film from scratch when the Polaroid factories started to disappear. You can grab some at The Impossible Project!
  11. Fabian Short ~ Honestly one of the raddest shorts I’ve owned. Your classic chino short with some ourCaste branding and details. Side entry pockets and welt coin pocket. They have just enough stretch in ’em for when you need it. The Khaki Colorway is super clean.
  12. Marshall Headphones ~ I’ve had these for a few years now and they’re still working pretty good. Pretty beat up but they still sound damn great. They hardly leave my head.  Marshall is pretty on top of their game.
  13. Keys ~ Need ’em for everything. Car, house, office, and whatever else.
  14. Broken Homme Michael Oxfords ~ Wearing some oxfords named after Mike Q is pretty chill. These things are for everyday use and built to last. Constructed in Los Angeles, Ca. Yes, indeed USA Made. Most comfortable shoe I’ve owned. Can’t got wrong with Black Nubuck. They are beauts. Grab a pair or two of the Michael Oxfords or some other of their cool leather made goodies through their online shop.
  15. 15.  Girls Tee ~ One of the most true statements. Pretty Girls Make Ugly Liars. Watercolor and typographic message. Wear it well.





The Picks ~ Mark Underwood
The Picks ~ Mark Underwood