In a perfect world, we’d make everything to support every interest that everyone at ourCaste had, creating a sort of super-brand-one-stop-shop.  Helmets for the bikes, knives, liquor, and everything else under the sun.  But, we can’t…yet.  So, in the meantime, we thought we’d share our Picks with you, showcasing the styles that us an individuals love paired along side those other everyday items that we can’t live without.

For this installation of Picks we sat with Matt Davis , our VP os Sales and Operations as well as Co-Founder. We’ve asked him to show us what it is he can’t live without.  Read his break down below, and if you wanna submit your Picks that’d be epic!  Send them to!

  1. This is a future development Saul jacket. The day this piece came in, I was hooked to it. I love the Navy and Black contrast. I wanted to put this style to the test so I stole it from our developer and have been wearing it for the last 3 months. It has kept me dry in the rainy Northwest, been dragged down the asphalt on 7th ave in New York when I was getting a little to extreme on a Citi Bike and pretty much goes with me everywhere.
  2. The Brody Jogger wasn’t a pant that I was sold on at first but has quickly become one of my favorites. Its easy to wear, very comfortable and has a lot of great details.
  3. Field Notes.  The best for all those million dollar business theory ideas that come up.
  4. Our good buddy Andy has a fresh pressed juice company called Way of Life. He deliveries these fresh juices to us daily to keep us healthy and happy.
  5. Blacked Out Camo is a must in everyones closet. The Moose is the best woven ever made. Side entry pockets and a thermal welded zipper at the chest. Fashion and Function!!
  6. Basic Black Starter cap
  7. Stance has been a huge supporter of ourCaste since day one and we support them everyday with these uncommon threads on our feet.
  8. I spend a lot of time on flights and never know where I am going to end up. TSA and Virgin America staff have become common faces.
  9. This is my lifeline now. Paperless order entry, no catalogs and digital line sheets all thanks to NuORDER. Instagram also looks a lot cooler on a 9.7 inch display.
  10. Sneaker Head roots are coming back. Nike FlyKnits if I am not in Broken Hommes
  11. Why not wear roses on my eyes. Wonderland sun Parker reminding me of my old river days.
  12. I am very competitive so this FitBit step counter challenges me to compete with myself and make sure I don’t get stuck sitting at my desk ALL day long.

The Picks ~ Matt Davis
The Picks ~ Matt Davis