In a perfect world, we’d make everything to support every interest that everyone at ourCaste had, creating a sort of super-brand-one-stop-shop.  Helmets for the bikes, knives, liquor, and everything else that gets us going.  But, we can’t…yet.  So, in the meantime, we thought we’d share our Picks with you, showcasing the styles that us an individuals love paired along side of those other everyday items that we can’t live without.

For this installation of Picks we sat with Sterling Foxcroft who’s long been a part of our creative and design team.  Sterling is video whiz, even though he doesn’t like making them which is kind of funny. We’ve asked him to show us what it is he can’t live without.  Read his break down below, and if you wanna submit your Picks that’d be epic!  Send them to!

  1. Rick Watercolor ~ I could live in this short, and I think I have so far this summer.  A perfect pair for San O, or super hungover mornings when getting out of bed seems too tough.
  2. What Youth ~ I love print.  A lot of people love print, but I really love print, and What Youth does it epically.  It’s the perfect blend of a well designed mag, with relevant surf content, and a whole lot of pretty pictures.  I’m glad they are around and am always looking forward to the next issue.
  3. It’s Nice That ~ Like I said, I LOVE print.  My main responsibilities in the office are managing and creating all video content, which is not where I want to be for forever.  Graphic Design has slid it’s way deep into my heart.
  4. Vans Skate Hi ~ These shoes have become a sort of joke in the office.  They are absolutely beat to hell, but all that means to me is they fit my feet perfectly.  
  5. Wade Chino ~ This is the one pair of pants I’d rather not live without if I had the choice.  A great fitted, but not skinny, pair of pants that are comfortable on the bike, but still look tailored enough to where out and about with Melony Mels if I need to.
  6. Moleskin ~ To do lists, ideas, storying boarding…my lifeline of sorts in keeping me organized.
  7. Contax G2 ~ Everyone loves the T2, but this is like it’s bigger, stronger, much better looking older brother that doesn’t really come around that often cause he’s out living his life.  This thing is bomb proof.  It’s an automatic range finder and with super easy to navigate manual features.  Makes it great for on the go and the hot shoe flash means its all time for party photos.
  8. Wonderlands ~ I got these sunnies a while back, not really sure when.  I where them into the office when I’ve just got through tying one off…they are life savers.