So , I sent a ‘good morning , hello , how the fk are you , hi, whats new email ‘  to Tyler Spangler this morning just to let him know I was thinking of him. I also told him ‘ I miss seeing your work in our space since the launch of Youth Curated, have any new stories or anything fun you’ve been working on ??
Below is exactly how he replied. I love this.

Weird small world story: My new dental hygienist and I were small talking about our interests and she asked me about music. I told her I was into 80s punk and metal which prompted her to tell me her husband and her hung out with all the TSOL guys when they were younger and that their son is actually in a punk band. It turns out that her son was the singer of a band called The River that was around in 2011 and I did art for both of their tape covers. We instantly hit it off and started talking about music and she reluctantly let me know that her son actually passed away about a year ago. It was really devastating. A day after my cleaning the receptionist called me and told me how much I brightened the hygienists day because I reminded her of her son. I scrounged around my stuff and found the 2 tapes of her sons band and brought them to her for my next cleaning which was actually yesterday. She was so stoked.

Tyler Spangler

Below are two of the album designs Tyler created for his late friend. I love this. Making people smile in this sort of way is a brilliant way to live. Well done man, you’ve just made all of us smile as well. Also here is a link to a full set from the River. 

ourCaste_Tyler Spangler_The River-1